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Jun 03, 2022

5 Ways BIM Technology Adds Value to Construction Businesses

Construction projects require the collaboration of over 150 professionals from initial acquisition through the sale of a completed project. Construction businesses can utilize software to streamline the process and increase profit margins. Read on to see how BIM technology adds value to construction businesses.

What is BIM Technology?

BIM stands for building information modeling. It is technology that serves as the foundation of digital transformation in architecture, engineering, and construction. BIMQuote enables architects, engineers, manufacturers, construction professionals, and real estate developers to collaborate on a project within one virtually integrated software platform. Read more about what BIM is and how it can be used here

Here are 5 Ways BIM Technology Adds Value to Construction Businesses

BIM Technology Significantly Saves Time

BIM software reduces project length in many ways. It can save 19 weeks of work before the construction process even begins. Software automation in the design phase of a project can save up to 12 weeks. An additional 7 weeks is eliminated through product specific selections auto-generated to quantity takeoffs and integrated pricing through our procurement partnerships.   

Procurement Hedges Against Supply Chain Issues

BIMQuote technology stack gives manufacturers and distributors adequate order time frames to hedge against supply chain issues. Materials comprise nearly 50% of a build budget. Supply chain fluctuations can substantially increase this cost if delays are factored in. Both material providers and builders can use the software to plan appropriately, resulting in efficiency. BIMQuote passes those efficiencies on directly to our builder borrowers across the platform.

Increases Efficiency On-site

New BIM technology increases project efficiencies by 20% through integrated project management and accounting tools. General contractors can manage subcontractor schedules and material orders all on one calendar. Any changes in the project will adjust the timeline of when each milestone should be completed. Contractors can use this calendar to streamline scheduling and communicate directly with subcontractors and material providers through the software.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) Enhances the Planning & Design Process

3D modeling tools increase presale opportunities by enhancing real estate listings. Homeowners can view BIM models and select products from material providers directly on the BIMQuote software. Quantity takeoffs are adjusted to reflect new pricing and timelines for ordering the new products.

Increases Employee Productivity

Employees can perform more tasks in less time with building information modeling technology. They have access to accounting and project management software. They can create quantity takeoffs in minutes instead of weeks and manage product selection and procurement capabilities all on the platform. Ultimately, the software increases the number of homes per employee each year resulting in higher revenue for the company overall.

BIMQuote provides technology solutions for small construction businesses across the United States. It provides the technology of over 15 different software platforms all in one place. Construction businesses can save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year from the advantages of BIM. Sign up now to start accessing the many benefits BIMQuote can provide. 

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