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Feb 22, 2022

What is BIM? How Building Information Modeling Is Used

The process of building a house is a coordinated effort that requires over 70 different professionals to collaborate on. From initial planning through final touches, construction building information modeling helps to get the job done in a more efficient manner.  Let’s look at how building information modeling is shaping the construction industry and how it will help your business.  

What is BIM, Building Information Modeling?

BIM stands for building information modeling. It is technology that allows architects, engineers, and contractors to design and generate 3D models of a structure, and share this data amongst one another. It creates digital representations for each model and ascribes geometry, spatial relationships, geographical data, and quantity takeoffs.

Where Did BIM Come From?

BIM is bringing the architecture, engineering, and construction fields completely into the 21st century. It originated around a decade ago and introduced 3D architectural modeling as an alternative and enhancement from traditional 2D drawings.

How Is Building Information Modeling Beneficial?

BIM software provides multiple benefits to builders:

       - Provides an accurate visualization for projects before construction begins

       - Generates accurate budgets and enables cost tracking to increase profit margins on construction projects

       - Eliminates the cost of hiring a professional to create and interpret 2D plans.

       - Streamlines project management

       - Improves coordination and communication with subcontractors

       - Increases productivity and efficiency allowing for more projects to be completed in the same amount of time

How to Use Building Information Modeling?

BIM is transforming construction by making it more efficient from both a time and cost perspective.  

Building Information Modeling can be used for:

        - Visualization software

        - Receiving verified leads

        - Generating quantity takeoffs

        - Estimating

        - Quoting

        - Scheduling material orders and deliveries

        - Project management

        - Cost tracking throughout projects

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