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We believe work which strengthens the home, the family & small business is the most important work we can do.

Our mission is make it as easy to design & construct a new home on vacant land, as it is to buy an existing home, while becoming the construction-technologist for the small businesses which largely construct them.

Don’t have residential plans?

If owners have real estate, but they don’t have residential plans, we created where we gamified site specific architectural design! Owners, developers or contractors can walk through the program and select every detail of their homes exterior and interior and get site specific building plans that are permit ready.

  • We currently have multiple floorplans and facades but if you want a fully custom option we can do that too.

If you don’t have a residentially zoned pad-ready property

we can help with that also. We’ve partnered with local realtors in your area that have spent their entire careers focused on vacant land. We also work with owners of vacant land through direct acquisitions, owner financed deals and a unique owner financed development program where we leverage our platform and resources to take residentially zoned properties and get them “pad-ready” for construction to begin. These parcels can be viewed at

Why BIMQuote?

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