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Utilize 3D Model Home Tours to Increase New Construction Sales

It’s all over the MLS… new construction listings with pictures of 6 different elevations and a couple of staged photos of sleek kitchens and formal living spaces. Each property within the new subdivision looks exactly the same. But the whole point of buying a new construction home is...

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Scale Your Business with a Construction CRM

Construction projects are complex in nature and take a lot of collaboration. On any given project, over 70 businesses are involved at some point in the construction process. It takes a lot of work to organize all the people and expenses that are involved in a project. Thankfully, a quality constr...

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What is BIM? How Building Information Modeling Is Used

The process of building a house is a coordinated effort that requires over 70 different professionals to collaborate on. From initial planning through final touches, construction building information modeling helps to get the job done in a more efficient manner.  Let’s look at how buil...

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Fintech leader Builders Capital brings innovative software platform to borrowers through BIMQuote acquisition

Puyallup, Wash. (January 7, 2022) Builders Capital, the nation’s leading non-bank residential construction lender, announced the acquisition of ...

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A Brief History of Building Information Modeling:

Since ancient times, architects and builders have struggled to describe three-dimensional buildings on two-dimensional paper, and their contractors have had difficulty interpreting these drawings. It was sometimes necessary to describe very complex parts of buildings with a three-dimensio...