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Mar 04, 2022

Scale Your Business with a Construction CRM

Construction projects are complex in nature and take a lot of collaboration. On any given project, over 70 businesses are involved at some point in the construction process. It takes a lot of work to organize all the people and expenses that are involved in a project. Thankfully, a quality construction CRM can make this effort easier.

What is Construction CRM?

Construction CRM is customer relationship management software for professionals in the construction industry. CRMs are an integral technological tool for professionals to streamline workflows and increase productivity.

Why Choose BIMQuote Construction CRM Software?

BIMQuote provides many benefits to builders, general contractors, and subcontractors. It creates project management schedules and generates project report notifications, connects general contractors with subcontractors and owners. Builders can request lien waivers from the dashboard and utilize accounting software.

How Does Construction CRM benefit your business?

Lowers salary expenses

BIMQuote provides a place where everything is streamlined from the design all the way through and saves thousands in salary. A design expert in modeling has an average salary that is higher than the average salary of a general contractor. This is just one example of a role that BIMQuote fills.  

On the CRM side, it can reduce the number of administrative work hours. Users can generate invoices and use the accounting software to track expenses. It streamlines the process and reduces the number of administrative tasks.

Manages Subcontractor Relationships

BIMQuote has a large subcontractor database with thousands of professionals across the nation. This allows builders to get quotes from a variety of professionals and find the best quality subcontractors.

Builders can communicate with subcontractors, schedule their time on-site and pay invoices all within the CRM.

Maximize Time with a Project Management Schedule

On the dashboard, builders can access a shared project calendar to visualize a timeline for each project.  Each won project in a builder’s dashboard has a list of milestones that shows exactly what needs to happen and when. These features allow builders to stay organized and efficient in every project.

Build More Houses in Less Time

The project management schedule increases efficiency and reduces delays in construction. Builders can cut down on the project length, sell a property and move on to the next job site. This helps insulate small construction businesses against inflation and protects their profit margin.

Yield Bigger Profits

All of the benefits above ultimately lead to a great profit margin on each construction project. It allows small business owners to scale their construction business, using one cost-effective tool. Builders Capital borrowers have access to the BIMQuote CRM for free, a tool that will save them thousands on their project. Sign up for your BIMQuote Account today to access this construction CRM and start scaling your business. 

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